Multiplexing is a technique that allows detection of various biomarkers simultaneously in a single assay. By combining different fluorophores with distinct emission spectra using appropriate detection methods, multiplex increases the throughput and efficiency of experiments. Our multiplexing technology is based on TR-FRET which is a fast, no-wash and low-interference technique.

TR-FRET diagram with Bright-Dtech technology

TR-FRET immunoassay is an analytical method used for the detection and quantification of biomarker present in serum, plasma and cell supernatant. Our Bright-Dtech™ fluorescent nanoparticles bring a more sensitive and stable approach. In Bright-Dtech™ TR-FRET method, we design our nanoparticles and acceptors to detect different biomarkers with high specificity, sensitivity and at a low price.

In the multiplexing technology based on Bright-Dtech™, nanoparticle can be coupled with two different biological entities to detect two different targets. Indeed, this principle involves one acceptor per antigen detected.

Figure of multiplexing technology with Bright-Dtech

Then, the fluorescent intensity of the donor antibody is transferred to the acceptor and a signal is detected using time-resolved fluorescence reader. Standard curves with the quantifications of each biomarker studied through the multiplexing technology can therefore be established.

Absorption and emission spectrum for mutliplexing technology
Results and standard curve for multiplexing technology

Why using Bright-Dtech™ for multiplexing technology ?

Our Bright-Dtech™ technology provides a more specific and sensitive detection with improved LOD and LOQ and no background noise due to the high-performances of fluorescent nanoaprticles.

Bright-Dtech™ also allow to reduce costs and only requires a microplate reader with TRF option