Antibody Conjugation Service

Poly-Dtech offers custom antibody conjugation service for your antibodies or other biological entities with our Bright-Dtech™ ready to couple nanoparticles in 3 working days.

Based on lanthanide technology, Bright-Dtech™ are extremely bright and stable fluorescent dyes that have been shown to give execptional performances. Using Poly-Dtech’s service, your biological products will be linked to Bright-Dtech™ which can be applied in a wide range of fluorescent applications:

  • Western Blot
  • Flow cytometry
  • Immunofluorescent labelling for microscopic analysis
  • Quantitative PCR
Process of custom antibody conjugation service with Poly-Dtech

Poly-Dtech offers a careful and rigorous antibody conjugation service to ensure excellent quality and reproducibility for your expensive or rare products.

Since 2023, Poly-Dtech is CIR (Research Tax Credit) approved, allowing a tax reduction of 30% for companies that call on our R&D services for the next three years. Find here the approval

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