Bright-Dtech™ – Fluorescent dyes

Our Bright-Dtech™ fluorescent dyes offer you an innovative solution to have a higher detection sensitivity with easy-to-use protocols, applicable in various molecular and cellular biology techniques. Bright-Dtech™ is the best solution for improving your tests and solving your detection issues. Indeed they are ultra-efficient fluorescent nanoparticles with unique characteristics such as biocompatibility, multi-detection and long emission lifetime.

Our Bright-Dtech™ fluorescent dyes emit from green to infrared in emission spectrum. Besides, Bright-Dtech™ 545 – Tb (Green) and Bright-Dtech™ 614 – Eu (Red) are the best choices to detect very small amount of antigen. They can be coupled to IgG antibodies, streptavidin and biotin (the coupling must be chosen on next page).

Based on lanthanides nanoparticles, Bright-Dtech™ fluorescent dyes bring a more sensitive and stable approach to your assays due to high brightness and photo-stability. Bright-Dtech™ provide exceptional performance compared to current fluorescent markers in a wide range of fluorescent applications:

  • Lateral Flow
  • Multiplexing
  • Western Blot
  • In vitro applications
  • Immunofluorescent for microscopic analysis
  • Quantitative PCR
Bright-Dtech fluorescent dyes patent

Bright-Dtech™ is a patented technology providing high performance and value