Poly-Dtech has been founded by a team of experts in various fields, covering all aspects expected to establish a strong and successful tech venture. This multi-disciplinary nature, combined with a multi-cultural background, does not only bring the required skills and experiences, but also a set of different values, beliefs and perspectives that contribute together to create a unique environment for innovation where everything is possible.

Management Board

Joan Goetz, Ph.D.

CEO – Founder

Joan is currently CEO of Poly-Dtech and HK-Dtech.
Graduated with a PhD in Chemistry and eMBA, Joan had various professional experiences in the development of in vitro diagnostic tests in France and in Hong-Kong. He is also the co-inventor of the patent of the Bright-Dtech technology. Today, Joan Goetz looks after the overall development of the company in France and in Asia.

Loïc Charbonnière


Loïc is a CNRS director at the Laboratory of Synthesis for analysis. His work and his team have a worldwide reputation in the synthesis of lanthanide-based complexes and nanoparticles, in their spectroscopy and morphological characterization as well as in the characterization of supramolecular assemblies. He is the author of 120 publications (>4000 citations, H: 38) and 7 patents.

Mohamadou Sy

Chemistry R&D manager

Mohamadou completed his university studies at the University of Strasbourg, obtaining a Master’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a PhD in Chemical Sciences with a specialization in lanthanides chemistry. Afterwards, he worked in the environmental field as a technical manager and agency manager. He have a strong multidisciplinarity in the field of chemistry, biology and environment.

Susana Brun

Biology R&D manager

After completing her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a specialization in immunology in 2011 at the University of Strasbourg, Susana joined an INSERM laboratory in Strasbourg as a post-doctoral researcher then as a project leader to implement neuroimmunology in the laboratory. Then, she worked for Sanofi at their R&D center in Strasbourg, first as research scientist and then as project leader.

Advisory Board

Laurent Koelher

Graduated with a Master in International Trade Management, Laurent is specialized in business development across Asian markets and is the co-founder of several business ventures in Asia.

Cédric Chaffois, Ph.D.

Graduated with a Master’s degree in marketing, Cédric is a former marketing and management director for multinational groups. He has over 20 years of experience in business strategy in Europe as well as Asia using cutting-edge digital technologies and advanced analytics.

Dr Niko Hildebrandt, Ph.D.

Niko is professor at Seoul University in South Korea. He is specialized in FRET from lanthanide complexes, Quantum Dots and organic molecules. Dr Niko Hildebrandt has already published 66 papers and 2 patents. Finally, he has over 2100 citations.

Ka-Leung Wong, Ph.D.

Graduated with a PhD in Chemistry, Gary is head of the chemistry department at the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and specialist in lanthanide chemistry for application to medical imaging and cancer inhibition. Dr. Gary Wong has already published over 100 articles and has over 2800 citations (H=34). He is also an associate editor for the Journal of Luminescence (Elsevier) and a member of the international advisory board of ChemPlusChem (Wiley).

Expert in lanthanide nanoparticles and complexes for analysis