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Ultra bright fluorophore nanoparticles with exceptional levels of detection for a wide range of analysis applications



Poly-Dtech has been founded by a team of experts in various fields, covering all aspects expected to establish a strong and successful tech venture

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Products: Dyes & Kits

Our cutting-edge ultra-fluorescent nanoparticle Bright-Dtech™ and reliable immunoassay solutions provide innovative options for biomarker detection in research and diagnostics.

Bright-Dtech™ dyes based on lanthanides technology
Available coupled to IgG antibodies, streptavidin and biotin

* Offer valid on all Bright-Dtech™ 545 – Tb (Green) & 614 – Eu (Red), Link-Dtech 545 – Tb (Green) & 614 – Eu (Red)
and on all our assay kits (NoW-Dtech™ & FLISA-Dtech™) until November 30th

Services: Custom Assay Development & Antibody Conjugation

We offer our technical experience to answer your R&D developments for biomarker detection through TR-FRET, TR-FLISA, Lateral Flow applications and Custom Antibody Conjugation with Bright-Dtech™.

Poly-Dtech – Enhance Your Detection

Poly-Dtech is a French company, based in Strasbourg, specializing in the R&D of fluorescent nanoparticles (dyes) and immunoassays in the field of healthcare and life sciences.

Our patented cutting-edge technology for biomarker detection is based on ultra-fluorescent nanoparticles with unique features offering performances that exceed current technical limits with user-friendly protocols and applications.

Improving early diagnostics to increase successful treatments and avoid side effects for patients is the main vision and ambition of Poly-Dtech.

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