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Ultra bright fluorophore nanoparticles with exceptional levels of detection for a wide range of analysis applications.

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Enhance Your Detection

Poly-Dtech: A company specialized in the R&D of fluorescent nanomolecules in the field of healthcare and life sciences.

Our patented cutting-edge technology consists of ultra-fluorescent nanoparticles with unique features, offering an unrivaled performance that exceeds the current technical limits and allows the detection of various biomarkers far beyond what is possible nowadays, with user-friendly protocols and applicable to various molecular and cellular biology techniques.

Our company aims to become a leading platform in terms of markers applied to in vitro analysis and imagery. Thus, improving the detection of diseases to increase successful treatments and avoid side effects for patients is the main vision and ambition of Poly-Dtech.

COVID-19 Tests

Undeniably, Poly-Dtech fights the Sars-CoV-2 virus with 2 rapid tests. We have, RapiDtech, an antigen rapid test that detects the presence of the SARS-COV-2 virus responsible for Covid-19. In addition, we have CoviDtech, an antibody rapid test that detects the presence of IgG and IgM antibodies against the virus in the blood.

COVID-19 virus, with a magnifying glass


Poly-Dtech offers more than just a wide range of kits, we also offer our technical experience to answer your R&D developments.

Indeed, we propose a custom coupling service for your biological entities (antibody, …) with our products or other fluorophores (like AlexaFluor). Moreover, we can develop also your future tests with our technology to save time and improve your performances (TR-FRET, FLISA, Lateral Flow).

Bright-Dtech™ Nanoparticles

Bright-Dtech™ nanoparticles are extremely bright and stable fluorophore nanoparticles that demonstrate to give exceptional performances. Therefore, the nanoparticles are used in a wide range of fluorescent analysis applications, such as lateral flow tests, fluorescent ELISA, cell imaging, immunofluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry and western blot.

Bright-Dtech™ is resistant to photobleaching. Another key point, our nanoparticles show to be 40x brighter than other fluorophores bringing exceptional levels of detection to assays and diagnostics. In summary, visit our applications page to see how Bright-Dtech™ can enhance your research.

Link-Dtech™ is a range of conjugation kits with our nanoparticles. Moreover, these kits allow linkage reactions to be readily carried without having access to specialized chemistry capabilities.

The kits are designed to be specific for antibodies or other biological entities with rapid reaction times.

Nanoparticle with antibody