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VSM Antivirus Mask

Type IIR surgical mask with patented metallic material with active action, destroying viruses, bacteria and fungi.

Advantages of the active-acting VSM antivirus mask:

SARS-COV-2 virus, approximately 0.15 μm in size, is spread primarily through aerosols, which are produced during exhalation while speaking, singing, coughing and sneezing. Surgical filter masks placed in front of the mouth and nose retain aerosols to some extent, but do not further help minimize the risk of contamination.

A new type of material incorporated into the multi-layered VSM mask complements the classic filtering effect with an active, antiviral and antibacterial component. This patented metallic fabric made of copper destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi. It has been tested by the German Hohenstein Institute according to DIN EN ISO 20743 and ISO 13767. The metallic coating, composed of copper, of the layer of tissue incorporated into the mask has no harmful effects on health.

With their additional antiviral and antibacterial function, VSM masks exceed the effectiveness of conventional surgical masks and represent a breakthrough in the medical protective equipment market.

3 layers identical to conventional type IIR surgical masks with a superior filtration degree of BFE / PFE ≥ 99.46%, including adjustable nasal bridge. 2 layers including 1 patented metallic fabric membrane, copper-based, actively destroying viruses, bacteria and fungi

For medical personnel or people in direct contact with viruses and bacteria

Duration of use
4 to 5 times longer life than conventional surgical masks

100% developed and produced in Germany – current production capacity approx. 100,000 pieces / day which will be increased in the short term to 1 million pieces / day.

Low breathing resistance, visible protection (copper membrane on the outside)

Can be thoroughly cleaned with hot water up to 60 ° C References Several university hospitals, clinics, drugstore chains and many companies in Germany have ordered this product, which has just started marketing in October 2020


• DIN EN 14683 TYP IIR
• ISO18184: 2019-06 (Virus)
• DIN EN ISO 20743: 2001-12 (Bacteria)
• DIN EN 14119: 2003-12 (Fungi)

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