Our company works for the in vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies and develops luminescent markers to improve immunoassays (ELISA, FRET, multiplexing), cell labeling, other diagnostic tests for diseases (qPCR, cytometry flow, …) and visualization of treatments. Our customers are research and development centers (biology, pharmacy), IVD companies that develop detection kits, providers in biology and scientific instrumentation manufacturers.

Our first patented product is based on nanotechnology. Through our recent research and collaborations, we have developed a tracker with unequaled properties. This nanoparticle can be easily coupled to the biological entities or molecules of interest of our customers to realize high-performance in vitro diagnostic tests or carry out specific cell labeling (in vitro or in vivo).

The advantages of our technology are multiple and allow to get performances never achieved in terms of spectroscopy, sensitivity, stability and reproducibility for clinical diagnosis and cellular imaging. With this marker, the economic and social impact can be important allowing to a faster, cheaper, multiple and early detection of diseases in order to provide patients with rapid and more efficient.

Stability and reproductibility
  • In biological systems (in vitro and in vivo)
  • Storage (long term)
  • Non toxic
  • No photo-bleaching
Increased sensibility
  • Suppression of background noise
  • Long lifetime (ms)
  • Molar extinction coefficient > 10,000,000 M-1cm-1
  • Brightness > 1,000,000 M-1cm-1
  • Low concentration to detect molecules of iterest (<10 pM)
Spectroscopic advantages
  • Emission in visible and near infrared region
  • Spectral footprints (multiplexing: simplified interpretation of several targets in the same sample)
  • Large Stockes shifts (significat difference between the excitation and emission wavelengths)
Polyvalent – Customization
  • Coupling functions (maleimide, …)
  • Biological entities (Steptavidine, …)
  • Large coordination area
High margin
  • Low production cost

Current products most often use fluorescent molecules or HRP. This type of compounds has many disadvantages and our solution enables to overcome those issues efficiently.

Fluorescent moleculesQuantum DotsLanthanide ComplexesNanoparticles
ProductAlexa Fluor ®QDots ®LanthaScreen ®NanoBright
Brightness (M-1cm-1)Low (< 80 000)Medium (< 300 000)Low (< 40 000)Strong (> 3 000 000)
Temps de vieShortShortLongLong
Signature spectraleNoNoYesYes

Our luminescent system is marketed with various functions to achieve easy and fast coupling with any biological materials for the R&D laboratories or to replace the present fluorophore in IVD tests. A marker customisation service is also set up to respond to specific customer requests, where we will adapt to their habits or protocols.

Now, replace your fluorescent tracers with Nanobright to achieve exceptional performance and properties without modifying your protocols or without changing your measuring instruments.

If you need more information about our technology, please do not hesitate to contact us at this following e-mail adress: contacts@poly-dtech.com