Our ultra-bright nanoparticles can dramatically improve the detection sensitivity of Lateral Flow tests.

By coupling with an antibody or  antigen, Bright-Dtech can improve rapid diagnostic tests to facilitate the management and treatment of diseases.

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Enhance the Detection and Early Diagnosis of Diseases

Through our recent research and collaborations, we have developed a tracker with unequaled properties. This nanoparticle can be easily coupled to the biological entities or molecules of interest of our customers to realize high-performance in vitro diagnostic tests or carry out specific cell labeling (in vitro or in vivo).

Our tests against COVID-19

Serological test for the detection of IgM / IgG antibodies against COVID-19

Antigen test to detect patients with the SARS-CoV-2 virus

We sell also hydroalcoholic solutions BOHO and antivirus masks VSM


Following the recommendation of the ANSM and the mutation of the virus, our RAPIDTECH test can be used without restriction and with confidence. Our device detects the N protein of the virus and is not affected by the mutation of the S protein (Spike) of the new strain.