Following the recommendation of the ANSM and the mutation of the virus, our RAPIDTECH test can be used without restriction and with confidence. Our device detects the N protein of the virus and is not affected by the mutation of the S protein (Spike) of the new strain.

Enhance the Detection and Early Diagnosis of Diseases

Through our recent research and collaborations, we have developed a tracker with unequaled properties. This nanoparticle can be easily coupled to the biological entities or molecules of interest of our customers to realize high-performance in vitro diagnostic tests or carry out specific cell labeling (in vitro or in vivo).

Our tests against COVID-19

Serological test for the detection of IgM / IgG antibodies against COVID-19

Antigen test to detect patients with the SARS-CoV-2 virus

We sell also hydroalcoholic solutions BOHO and antivirus masks VSM