Our Story

In 2007, the first works about nanoparticles have begun. Its studies continue for seven years until a first PhD was devoted to this subject in 2014, and then a second one in 2016. These precious works have lead to a new nanoparticles technology which is the spearhead of Poly-Dtech.


Our Team

Poly-Dtech is a young company established by chemistry experts in research and development of fluorescent nanomolecules in the field of health and life sciences. Our compary aims to become a leader platform in term of technical markers applied to medical analysis and imagery. Improving the detection of diseases in order to increase successful treatments and avoid side effects for patients is the main vision and ambition of Poly-Dtech.

| Founders


Dr. Joan Goetz


Co-founder of  Poly-Dtech and doctor of chemistry from the University of Strasbourg and Hong Kong Baptist University. This project was born from his PhD, which focused on luminescent and biocompatible probes for imaging and inhibition of cancer. Also holding a master’s degree in chemistry and biology, Joan Goetz has had professional experiences in the elaboration of ELISA tests, in the creation of an antibody database by Western Blot as well as the design of pH-sensitive lipids for the targeting of cancer cells. He will be in charge of the development of the company.

E-mail : joan.goetz@poly-dtech.com

Dr. Loïc Charbonnière

Expert in spectroscopy, imaging and analytical applications

Dr. Loïc Charbonnière is the director of the Laboratory of Synthesis for Analysis (SynPA) within IPHC (UMR 7178, CNRS, University of Strasbourg) and the former PhD supervisor of Joan Goetz. His work and his team have a worldwide reputation in the synthesis of lanthanide-based complexes and nanoparticles, in their spectroscopy and morphological characterization as well as in the characterization of supramolecular assemblies. He is the author of 120 publications (> 4000 citations, H: 38) and 7 patents. He will oversee the R&D and the production of Poly-Dtech.


| Scientific Advisory Broad

Dr. Gary K-L Wong

Expert in medical imaging

Dr. Gary Ka-Leung Wong is the director of the Department of Chemistry at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) and a specialist in lanthanide chemistry for application to medical imaging and inhibition of cancer. Dr. Gary Wong has already published more than 100 articles and has more than 2800 citations (H = 34). He is also Associate Editor for the Journal of Luminescence (Elsevier) and a member of the International Advisory Committee of ChemPlusChem (Wiley).


| Staff


Dr. Mohamadou Sy

R&D / Innovation Engineer

PhD in chemistry at the University of Strasbourg. His thesis on the synthesis of luminescent complexes of lanthanides, carried out in the SynPA laboratory, allowed him to acquire strong bases in organic synthesis and in spectroscopy. Dr. Mohamadou Sy is an essential element for our R&D team. He is well acquainted with the field and the different objectives to launch quickly the technology on the market. His 2 years experience as a technical manager is an asset for Poly-Dtech.